Scots highlight American Revolution

While Kathryn and I visited Scotland in September we had the privilege and honor to view a display arranged by the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh highlighting our War for Independence.  The display was made up of items held by the National Library.  The following is how the library describes their efforts.

 “Throughout the year we will be highlighting collection items that illustrate the dreams and declarations that have shaped American politics.  We also look at the international conflicts, alliances, and friendships tied to them.  We will cover topics such as George Washington, British loyalists, the Founding Fathers and the American Civil War.  We will also consider the role Scots played in shaping the early nation and their legacy.”

The display was expertly arranged by library curators Chris Taylor and Dora Petherbridge and they should be very proud of their efforts.  We have started discussions on the possibility of bringing this display to Philadelphia to be displayed during the 4th of July 2013.  I donated one of our ‘His Sacred Honor’ limited edition books to the library and sent them some information on Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration.

The photograph was taken at the display and pictures [L-R] Charles McKerrell of Hillhouse; Duncan Campbell, Deputy Chief Executive, National Library of Scotland; Chris Taylor; May McKerrell of Hillhouse; Dora Petherbridge; Kathryn; and yours truly.  Not pictured but part of this special tour was Sarah Adwick, Development Officer, National Library of Scotland.  The McKerrell’s of Hillhouse are our very close friends and hosts for our stay in Scotland.

Lieutenant Commander John Glynn of Glynstewart, USN (Ret.)

President-General, DSDI

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  1. al cathcart says:

    Appeal. Has anyone any photographs of the opening of the Beith square commemoration to John Witherspoon? There seem s to be a paucity of quality photographs here in Scotland. We are making a documentary film on the Scottish life of John Witherspoon. While we have good film of the church, we really would like to record the donation of the plaque by yourselves to Beith Community Council. If anyone has any decent photograph that we can use, thank you in advance.
    Al Cathcart.
    for Friday Film Productions.

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