Scholarship Awards – 2017

    The Scholarship Committee and the Board of Governors of DSDI are pleased to announce that the following students have been awarded grants for the 2017-2018 Academic year.  Each of these candidates will be contacted for final confirmation as to school attended and other details necessary before the funds are released.
Anneke Belman
Samuel Chase, William Ellery, Oliver WolcotState University of New York, Purchase
Rachel Burke John HartQuinnipiac University
Leah Bushey Richard StocktonWillamette University
Luke Clements John Hart University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Cooper Thomas Nelson Jr. Berry College
Dalton Cousin

William Floyd
Alfred University
Lee Croft William HooperGeorgia State University
Ryden CrowtherThomas Nelson Jr.Utah State University
Kristopher Davis John MortonThomas Jefferson University - College of Health Professions
Vesta Davis John Witherspoon University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Kevin Durkin Josiah Bartlett Springfield College
Coles Edmunds Benjamin Harrison VVanderbilt University
Brennan Erickson Oliver Wolcott University of Maryland
Kathryn Farrell Philip Livingston Bates College
Charles Kennedy FrattBenjamin FranklinUniversity of Washington
Ryan Gottwald

Thomas Nelson Jr. Virginia Polytechnic University
Meredith Gray John HartIndiana University
Lucy Grinnan Benjamin Harrison VMiddlebury College
John Homans John AdamsWharton Business School
Emily Hubbard John Witherspoon University of Virginia
Allison Johnson Oliver WolcottUniversity of Maryland
Hooks Johnston Benjamin Harrison VUniversity of Michigan
Marietta Johnston Benjamin Harrison V Wharton Business School
Andi Katz

John HartUniversity of Iowa
Alison Katzfey
Thomas Nelson, Jr.Texas A&M University
Andrew KatzfeyThomas Nelson, Jr.Texas A&M University
Sara Koen Arthur Middleton Newberry College
Jeffrey LewisJosiah Bartlett Principia College
Risa Lewis Josiah Bartlett
University of Connecticut
Rose LewisJosiah Bartlett
Boston University
Eric Luck John HartUniversity of North Dakota
Ellen MacfarlaneWilliam ElleryPrinceton University
William MacfarlaneWilliam ElleryPoint Loma Nazarene University
Melissa Marcus

George ClymerLehigh University
Shane McKeonJohn MortonUniversity of Pittsburgh
Anna MenegazRoger ShermanTexas Tech University
William MenegazRoger ShermanLouisiana Tech University
Alexandra MilesRichard StocktonU. Tennessee -Chattanooga
Jimmy NugentJohn Hart College of the Holy Cross
Patrick Nugent John Hart College of the Holy Cross
Samantha PlanteJohn AdamsMiami University
Sarah Rawitch John Hart
Kansas State University
Matson RobertsRichard Henry LeeUniversity of Virginia
Alexa Scholl George Read
Arizona State University
Dalton SnyderWilliam HooperMississippi College
Dustin SnyderWilliam HooperDelta State University
Hope StallerJohn HartVanguard University
Nina StrongGeorge Read, Phillip Livingston
New York University
Christina SturgeonOliver WolcottFurman University
Aaron Waldmann

Roger ShermanUniversity of Akron
Daniel WaldmannRoger ShermanOhio Northern University
Mary Caroline WardJohn MortonUniversity of Pittsburgh
William WrobelJohn PennPaul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences
Timothy Wynia John Hart Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Elizabeth ZakasBenjamin Harrison VFurman University
Stephanie Zdimal Philip Livingston State University of New York at Oswego

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