2016 DSDI Scholarship Application Information

Welcome to the DSDI Scholarship Page.

The DSDI Scholarship Award is a merit-based scholarship for DSDI members who are enrolled as full-time students for the entire academic year in an approved post-secondary educational institution. Applicants must be an accepted member of the Society no later than the fall before the next year’s scholarship application process opens.  Members who are turning 18 must have completed their Senior paperwork by Spring prior to the academic award year.  You must be either a Life Member or your dues must be current as of 30 June 2016 or you will not receive an award.  Not all students who apply will be awarded a scholarship and it should not be assumed that you will receive a scholarship by merely applying.  This is a competitive scholarship and a total of 56 scholarships were awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Scholarship recipients will be announced on 4 July 2016 at the Annual Congress in Philadelphia.  Shortly thereafter, recipients will be listed on this webpage.

Should you be selected to receive one of the DSDI scholarships, you will be notified of the award via the email you have provided on the application.  You will be provided with detailed response instructions in that email.  Failure to abide by any deadlines will forfeit your scholarship award. Before your award can be sent to the academic institution of your choice, you must have confirmed where you are enrolled and whether or not you are a full-time student, the address of your Financial Aid Office, and your student identification number. You will be required to submit documentation from the school that you are enrolled full-time for the fall semester.  Part time students and those who are enrolled for only a portion of the full 2016-2017 academic year are NOT eligible to receive scholarships funds. All efforts are made to have scholarship funds disbursed to the recipients’ schools by mid to late August.

Applications for the 2016-1017 academic year are now closed.

If you have questions, you are welcome to email me.

D. Jill Haimes

DSDI Scholarship Chairman

Email:  Scholarship@dsdi1776.com

3 Responses to 2016 DSDI Scholarship Application Information

  1. Do members that want to apply for the scholarship have to request access to the Member’s Only area?

    • djillh@comcast.net says:

      No they don’t need access to the Member’s Only area at all! The application is handled by STARS Online – accessed through the “completed application” link on this page.

  2. djillh@comcast.net says:

    The Scholarships amount vary according to how much we have available in total funds, both from the Charles Marshall Trust and from the DSDI Scholarship funds. Over the past years, it has ranged from $500 to over $5000.

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