Meetings of the DSDI

Every meeting of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence is filled with fellowship, education, and memories to be made and shared.

If you are a current member, plan ahead to join us at one or more upcoming meetings. If you’re not yet a member, we invite you to apply.

DSDI Meetings:  A Rich Tradition

For over 115 years, meetings of the Society in a historic location have been the most important and intimate means for creating and maintaining the bond that exists among members of the Society, their families, and friends.

Three meetings are held each year—a fall meeting in a northern colony, a spring meeting in a southern colony, and the Annual Meeting on July 4th in Philadelphia.

Attendees enjoy camaraderie with like-minded individuals who are interested in learning more about the founding and history of our great country.

Fall 2023

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Our Fall Meeting is in beautiful Lancaster, Penn., in October. Members will enjoy a Welcome Dinner on Friday night at the host hotel, and a bus tour of historic York, Penn., which was the Colonial Capital for almost a year. The tour includes the site where the Articles of Confederation were adopted (many of our Signers were there), the General Gates home, and the Golden Plough Tavern. The tour also includes the gravesites of Signers James Smith and Philip Livingston. Members will conduct their business meeting at a tavern in York and enjoy a banquet later that evening at the host hotel.

Spring 2024

Charleston, South Carolina

Robin Rawl is the hostess for our Spring 2024 meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. More information to come.

Fourth of July 2024

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Information on our annual meeting in Philadelphia can be found on the Members Only page.

Fall 2026 (America 250 Celebration)

Williamsburg, Virginia

Our 250 Committee is already looking ahead and planning our America 250 Celebration meetings for 2026. At this time, the society is planning a fall meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, for 2026.