Annual Giving Report

April 26, 2013

The Annual Giving Committee is pleased to report that as of this date we have had donations totaling approximately $11,436.00 for the year 2012 -2013.  We anticipate receiving a few more donations after the July 4th meeting as that seems to be when a few people prefer to give.

We are happy to report that the pins for the 1776 Legacy Society have now been purchased.   They will be sent to those few who have informed us that they have added the DSDI to their will.   As of today’s date there are only 2 members but I am ever hopeful that we will attract others in the future.  Remember we only need to know that you have added the Descendants into your will and not the dollar amount.

I would like to recognize Sean Moore and thank him profusely for all his efforts in helping to make these pins a reality.  We can now present same to any new 1776 Legacy Society Members.

Respectively Submitted

Hope Middleton Wood, Chair

Rieman McNamara

Laurie Croft

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