DSDI Scholarship information

Scholarships are available to DSDI members who are enrolled full-time in any post-secondary education institution including, but not limited to, undergraduate trade schools, colleges or universities, graduate schools, or professional degree programs. If you received a scholarship in a previous year, you must complete a new application. There is no limitation to the number of years that you may apply.

We are pleased to announce that the website to apply for 2017 – 2018 Scholarships is now available. Please be advised that applicants will need to supply the following:

  1. Personal information including name, address, school, GPA, etc.
  2. A one- to two-page response to the essay prompt which will be found on the application.
  3. A one-page resume, outlining education, work history, awards, activities, etc.
  4. Financial information required by the trust including cost for one year’s tuition, books and board as estimated by the institution.
  5. Two letters of recommendation (one scholastic recommendation; the second one can be a scholastic or non-scholastic recommendation).
  6. An academic transcript(s) from the last educational institution attended (high school seniors must include the fall semester of their senior year, other first time applicants, the last full academic term transcript).  The student must request this from their school(s) and this must be submitted directly from the school to the Scholarship Committee.

Complete instructions and guidelines can be found on the DSDI Website at www.dsdi1776.com under The Group.

Applications will be accepted at the following address:  http://dsdi.awardspring.com

Jill Haimes

DSDI Scholarship Chairman

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