General Meeting minutes, July 4, 2013

DSDI General Meeting Philadelphia, PA July 4th, 2013


Meeting called to order by President-General John Glynn at 5:00 pm in the Long Room at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

1st Vice President-General Laurie Croft opened the meeting with The Society Prayer and led the society with The Pledge of Allegiance.

John Glynn asked the DSDI board members to stand and introduce themselves along with their Signer. John also asked any members coming to their first meeting to stand and introduce themselves.

Donald Ward Sr. welcomed everyone to Philadelphia and introduced the 8 Bell Tappers and gave each Bell Tapper a replica of The Declaration of Independence.

Minutes: A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the April 26, 2013 Annapolis, MD minutes; there was a 2nd and these minutes were approved. John Glynn noted that anyone interested in reading the minutes can find them on the DSDI website.

1st Vice PresidentGeneral’s Report: (see attached) Lawrence Croft discussed upcoming meetings:

New Haven, CT September 20-22, 2013

Lexington and Concord, MA April 25-27, 2014

Charleston, SC October 10-12, 2014

Laurie noted that the Fall meeting will include a tour of Yale Art Gallery in New Haven, CT where John Trumbull’s famous painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence is on display.

Registrar’s Report: (see attached) Jim Alexander reported that we have 11 new senior members, 4 new junior members and no deaths. Jim read the names of all the new members and encouraged members to get other family members involved in the society. Jim also noted that if any members change their address to please update it through the DSDI website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dan McNamara reported that the treasury is doing great and this year is the first time we have had investments over 1 million dollars. Dan noted that the board just reviewed expenses for the upcoming fiscal year and funds are still in good standing.

Gravesite Marking: In the absence of Grace Staller, John Glynn talked about the Thomas Stone plaque dedication at the spring meeting. He noted 42 plaques have been dedicated.

12 Signers have cenotaphs at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC, and 2 plaques (George Read and Lewis Morris) are waiting to be installed.  John stated that this project, which started in 1907, is almost complete and thanked Grace Staller for all of her hard work.

Annual Giving Report: Hope Wood reported the Annual Giving is doing quite well and has raised $11,436 for the 2012-2013 year. She encouraged members to continue contributing as we have plans to help the Independence National Historical Park with the relocation of the Bicentennial Bell along with the Queen’s Speech.

Merchandising: Ruth Hagan had nothing new to report, but let everyone know that she had pins and DSDI badges available for purchase after the meeting.

Scholarship: In the absence of Leslie Sheehan, John Glynn was unable to read the names of the DSDI members who qualified to receive the scholarship funds. John stated that this is a complex process and because of the number of applicants the final list was not yet compiled. John noted that the recipients’ names will be listed on the DSDI website as soon as they are available. John also noted that procedures have been put in place to make the application process electronic. By making the application electronic, the whole process will be easier for applicants and administrators and hopefully this delay will not happen again.

Governor’s Reports: John Glynn stated in the essence of time the governors’ reports will be listed on the DSDI website. John also noted that we have a vacancy for a New Hampshire Governor, and we are in the process of filling this position.

New Business: Election of officers John Glynn read the names of the officers presented by the nominating committee (see attached). There was a motion to accept the officers; there was a 2nd and the officers were accepted.

John Glynn then introduced our guest speaker Fiona Hyslop, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs. Fiona thanked the society for inviting her and her family to the annual meeting. She then proceeded to talk about independence and the relationship between Scotland and the United States during the Revolutionary War and how Scotland is in the process of gaining their independence.

1st VP-General, Laurie Croft, then gave an invigorating reading of The Declaration of Independence as he walked up the aisle of The Long Room.

Hope Middleton Wood read the names of the Signers during Roll Call.

Change of PresidentGeneral: John Glynn thanked all the officers and his wife who assisted him during his term as President-General. John remarked that it was an honor and pleasure to be the President-General of the DSDI. He then passed the gavel over to Lawrence Croft the new President-General of the DSDI. Laurie thanked the society for the honor of making him the next President-General and stated that he has several exciting tasks that he is looking forward to during his term.

Laurie Croft gave the benediction and adjourned the meeting at 6:10 pm.  Immediately afterwards, the officers met to nominate and elect the state governors proposed by the Nominating Committee.  All were accepted.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donald Ward Jr., Secretary-General of the DSDI

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