Gifts and Contributions

Annual Fund Drive

 November 1, 2016 – October 31, 2017

The Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence wishes to thank all of those who have so generously participated in the Annual Fund Drive.  Your gifts are most important and will enable the Society to continue all its programs, including research and education while preserving the legacy of our forefathers.  This report spans the Annual Giving program from November, 1, 2016 to July 12, 2017, and about $16,950 has been received.

Scholarship Fund Donation

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hawes


James Herbert Alexander Col. George H.C. Berger Edward S Croft, III


Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Johnny Dow Alexander Laura H. Belman Timothy E. Coy
Angus S Lamond, Jr Constance S Wahlig Hope Middleton Wood



James S. Bainbridge Robert Mason Blake A. Christian Burke
Charlton H. Chatfield Stevenson Weston Croft Shelley Cruz
Caroline H. Davidson Lynda Carol Dresser Walley Grover Francis
Sally Fridy David B. Fultz Hunter Thompson George
John C. Glynn, Jr Elizabeth N. Gottwald D. Jill Haimes
Lauren Nye Johnson Robert Davis Keller Tillie Page Laird
Landon Bell Lane, Jr. R Bruce W Laubach Scott Richard Lewis
Scott Richard Lewis Thornton C. Lockwood Annalise M. Marcus
Martin Everard Mason Eugene A. Mayhew Rieman McNamara, Jr.
Charles W. McNeilly Michael Miller George Braxton Mitchell
Lisa R. Moore, Jr. Lisa R. Moore, Jr. Lisa R. Moore, Jr.
George J. Olney Virginia I. Owens Debra J. Rafferty
Clarence W. Senn, Jr. David E Stuart Page Laubach Warden
Nancy McBride Wark John Witherspoon Marietta Edmunds Zakas
  Alan P. Zdimal  


Bell Ringers

Emily S. Bagwill David Crenshaw Barrow III George Heaton Barrow
George Meredith Bergen James Robert Blake Taylor Robert Blake
Elise Rutledge Bradford Truxtun E. Brodhead Katharine Van R. Brush
Susan Jane Spalding Bull Marshall A. Burke Peyton Royal Burke
Elizabeth Robison Cabell Mercade A Cramer Anne Carrington Croft
Stevenson Weston Croft, Jr. Danielle D. Cross Donald E. DeGain
Derek J. DeGain Susan Rittenhouse Phillips Dewing Brennan Erickson
Bradley Fisher Erickson Justin Wolcott Erickson Prescott Evarts, III
Donna D. Gonzalez Edith Read Brodhead Good Douglas Lane Gray
Barbara T. Greeley Mary Louise Guertler Niña H. Hopkins
Tillie Page Laird Lauren Elizabeth Lee A. Heath Light
Annalise M. Marcus Anna Heatherington Menegaz Janet L. W. Nolan
Virginia I. Owens Frank C Page Katherine P. Payne
Alyson Laure Rawitch Sarah E. Rawitch Gill Read
Francis D. Rogers, Jr. Alice Ryden Sharon Marie Schmelling
Susan Bergen Schultz Kameron Dominic Schultz Grace Keiper Staller
Livingston D. Sutro Linda Coley Teare Florence Mears Thompson
Karen L Turner Douglas Macon Valentine Nancy King Waites
William B. Ward Richard N. Williams Jere Warthen Witherspoon


The Mark C. Pope, III Foundation


Matching Grant

Ameriprise – on behalf of Stevenson Weston Croft

IBM – on behalf of Melvin P Livingston

Schwab – on behalf of George B Mitchell


1776 Legacy Society

These members have included a gift to DSDI in their wills.


James Herbert Alexander Rieman McNamara, Jr. Hope Middleton Wood


The Annual Giving Fund begins November 1, 2016 and ends October 31, 2017


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