Missing Members

We are getting mail from the following members returned to us. If you know the address of the following, would you drop us a line at: Registrar 7157 SE Reed College Place Portland, OR 97202-8354 or e mail us at DSDI Registrar.

Include the member number, mailing address, email, and phone when known. Let us know when you move, it makes it easier to keep you informed of current programs and activities.

Member Name
Birth Date
Christina M Bader
Aug 1990
Laura Bennet
Feb 1983
Katherine Berge
Apr 1945
Mrs. William Bethea
Apr 1945
Dawn M Bernhard
 Mar 1976
Karen M. Braxton
 Sep 1965
Sara M. Braxton
Apr 1973
Truxton Brodhead, Jr.
May 1966
Serena Brown
Jun 1954
Corso Dimitri Serra di Cassano
Jul 1976
Gwendolyn K. Clark
Dec 1963
Percy Darlington, 3rd
Jul 19922
Samuel Franklin
Aug 1942
Cruger Fowler, III
Jul 1967
David B. Griffith
Jul 1982
Laura Groth
Apr 1961
Emily Elizabeth Laubach Gundert
Sep 1980
Susan C. Hendl
Sep 1947
Ellen R. Hill
Apr 1978
Samuel D. Hopkins
May 1943
Ann S. Howard
May 1943
Barbara Ives
Jul 1928
Sallie W. Jackson
May 1948
Ellen Kight
Jan 1945
Gwendolyn B. Klein Dec 1963
Anne-Gwenaelle Lassez
Sep 1992
Virginie Bonnie Lassez
Sep 1994
Hardwin Alexander Littlepage
Nov 1959
Caitlin Ross McCormick
Mar 1986
Jeffery Minton
Mar 1986
Kyle Jared Mulford
Dec 1982
Melinda Muth
Jul 1954
Robert F. Nelson, III
Apr 1964
William Paca, III
Jan 1952
Jane Pearce
Nov 1950
Joanne Marie Pohl
Nov 1951
Sara L. Prescott
Dec 1961
John D. Prevatt
Mar 1979
Alexandra Pugh
Feb 1991
Cameron Pugh
May 1993
Edward W. Pyne
Aug 1990
Juanita Reed
Apr 1934
Katharine Reese
Jul 1950
Randolph B. Roulette
Nov 1980
Henry Grinnan Ruff
Dec 1992
Carter Grinnan Ruff
Jul 1991
Kendall M. Sealy
Oct 1992
Hanna M. Strong
Nov 1994
Edward Walker
Dec 1977
Jeffery Ward
Mar 1956
Emma Rose Williams, III
Aug 1998
George B. Williams, III
Jul 1955
Virginia Williams
Apr 1991
George Bryan Williams
Jul 1995

8 Responses to Missing Members

  1. Brenda Dunlap says:

    I found a newspaper clipping that said my husband’s family is a descendant of William
    William. I have the family lines but I cannot connect them. Is there someone who can help?

    • jim says:

      Brenda, send the following information to registrar@dsdi1776.com. The Registrar-General will take a look at the data you submit and be able to provide more precise instructions in your quest to find the connection. Start with your husband, his name, his birth date and location. The parent in the line back to the Signer, with the same information; then the grandparent, etc. as far back as you can go. The RG will take this information and attempt to tie it to what is know about the Signer’s descendants. The William Williams family tree is very small, so be prepared for the possibility that the family story regarding being a descendant of the Signer may not be true. It is possible that the line is that of relative, not descendant. In either event, I applaud your efforts to find the right genealogical story.

  2. Cynthia Allsouse says:

    Brenda – I am also a descendent of William Williams. I have just been poking around various sites to see what organizations exist and found your post. How exciting!

  3. Brian Sullivan says:

    I am doing research on my family tree through Ancestry.com because my mother had told me that we were possible descendants of Benjamin Franklin. So far I have tracked as far back as 1814 Horace Franklin. Is there anyway that someone can lend some assistance.

    • jim says:

      Brian, Benjamin Franklin had one son, William, who was a Tory. William had a child by an unknown mistress, William Temple. William Temple died 25 May 1823 without an heir. So the chances of your Horace being connected as a descendant of Benjamin are nonexistant. There is a possibility that the Franklin name may be related to Benjamin’s family but as we do not keep track of the relatives, we cannot really provide you with much assistance in that quest.

      • Sean Jordan says:

        Not arguing that the line on William’s side runs dry, just when:


        According to this Temple had a daughter with his step-sister named Ellen, who in turn had a daughter named Maria… and that appears the end.

        Wikipedia references Ellen on Temple’s page, citing a work of papers written by Temple held by the American Philosophical Society. The link referenced is no longer valid, but a simple search on the Society’s site leads you to descriptions of the papers. Could not locate a document specifically referencing his daughter; calling the Society might lead to better results.

        • jim says:

          Sean, We do know note that Temple had three children by as many different mistresses, but they all died in infancy.

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