DSDI Merchandise

We are pleased to offer the following items for purchase by members of DSDI.






The insignia comes with a ribbon in the colors of the Society, and is meant for wearing on the lapel of a jacket or blouse. This medallion comes in two sizes, small and large. Click here to order

Lapel Pin

The lapel pin is designed to wear on a Blouse or Blazer.
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Ribbon, Magnetic

The ribbon, in Society Colors is meant for use on blazer or dress suits.
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Signet Ring

Signet Rings and Pendants are available in 10K Gold, 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. Click here to order.


Jefferson Cup

These cups make excellent gifts for family members, or as tokens of appreciation to someone who has performed actions that support DSDI goals. Click here to order. 

Lapel Pin



This pin is a gentleman’s pin to be worn in the lapel buttonhole of a dinner jacket or dress coat. It is too heavy to be worn with a blouse, but would certainly fit into a ladies dress jacket. Click here to order.





This small rosette fits nicely into a lapel buttonhole of either a men or women’s jacket.  Click here to order.

Blazer crest




The Blazer Crest comes in two versions, a magnetic backed crest that attaches the crest solidly to the jacket, or a clutch backed crest that can be pinned on the outside of the pocket. Click here to order

Grave stone

This medallion ( 5 3/8″ wide by 6 6/8″ high) is appropriate for attaching to stones or memorials of deceased members. You can also plan ahead and order one for your memorial. To Order, send an email to orders@dsdi1776.com  containing the member number and name of the DSDI member you would like to memorialize. If you do not know the member number send an email to registrar@dsdi1776.com with the name of the member whose number you are requesting.



Member Name Tag

This name tag, a 2″ x 3″ plastic tag with one of two attachment types, pin or magnetic, can be used on any occasion where you do not want to use paper sticky tags that are prone to falling off.  Declare your heritage with pride.  Click here to order



DSDI Scarf

We are delighted to have a beautiful 40 x 40-inch scarf to offer to you. It was designed by artist Nina Akins of Ninakin Designs,  http://www.ninakindesigns.com/ . It has each of the Signers signatures on the scarf and it is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or to use as a gift.  Click here to order

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