In This Together: Exploring the world with DSDI

Using masks make me nervous. With them I can’t see others’ faces and often can’t hear what they are saying. I see folks hiding behind their masks, ignoring others in what used to be our shared spaces. I miss reading their thoughts.

But happily, I observe more folks sharing and supporting each other every day. We still need each other. We need to speak to each other; to call and email each other. The virus has taken a lot from us but has brought us to higher levels. I had no idea that we could have a cocktail party, a college course and travel around the world for free in my own safe home through ZOOM. It’s fascinating and a lot of fun to see friends I had not been able to visit.

That’s where DSDI comes in. Did you get my email, DSDI website or Facebook messages about my trip to Philadelphia July 4? If you missed it, please check us out on our website: We need your email addresses if you haven’t provided them already. But next:

DSDI members are cordially invited to:

DSDI’s Fall Meeting in a

Virtual Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island

Friday, Oct. 23-Saturday, Oct. 24 in ZOOM.

Oct. 23, 3pm ET Board meeting

Oct. 24, 7pm ET General meeting

Plan with us for cocktails and dinner before the meeting, and have a drink afterwards as we chat. It’s likely that we’ll have Breakout ZOOM rooms so we can enjoy each other’s company. Stay tuned…and send me your email addresses ASAP so you don’t miss anything.

Lucy Duke Tonacci, DSDI President-General

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