From the President-General

Fellow Descendants,

The fall meeting in Windsor and Litchfield, Conn., went very well. Everyone who attended the meeting had a great time. As always, Marianne and Ellen Brinker put together a fantastic program; these two ladies deserve our greatest thank-you.

The DSDI is doing very well, as can be seen by the financial reports put out by our Treasurer General, Johnny Alexander. Jim Alexander, our Registrar General, announced the addition of 16 new senior members, four of whom are senior upgrades. He also announced the addition of six new junior members. All were wholeheartedly approved by the board. This brings us up to 1,228 active members in the Society. We welcome the new members!

In other business of the Society, Shirley Smith, a descendant of Abraham Clark of New Jersey, has offered to be the lead on a new project by the DSDI. This project is an extension of our biography project of several years ago. This new project is to produce biographies of the Signers’ wives.  I look forward to reading these biographies. They will give us a different aspect of the lives of the Signers. This is a very worthwhile project and I hope some of you will be able to contribute to our knowledge base.

The next meeting of the general Society will be in Philadelphia July 3-4, 2019. As always, we plan to have a great time. It is always wonderful to see the children of the Descendants tap the Liberty Bell. It is a moving ceremony and something these children will remember throughout their lives. I hope you will take the time and join us for this meeting.  Following the Philadelphia meeting, the next opportunity for us to get together will be in Atlanta Oct. 4-6, 2019.  This will be our first meeting outside of a colonial city. This meeting promises to be filled with history and activities. I hope many of you plan on attending this meeting.

In our efforts to reach out and contact all of our members, our usual method is to send out a newsletter with information about what the Society is doing, what we hope to be doing, and general information about our membership. I have started sending out monthly emails that are a  greeting and a reminder of which Signers are having birthdays that month. I have also used these emails to try and let everyone know about our members who may be in need, such as those members who live in Texas who may have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and most recently Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.

I have also used the email to try and notify members about historical event celebrations, and have asked members to try and attend these events representing the DSDI. If you do not get these emails, please check you junk mail folders, just in case. If you want to be included in these emails, please email me at president@dsdi1776.comand I will add you to my distribution list. This may also be an excellent way to update your information with the society.  If you would like for me to share your email address with the society’s state Governors, please include what state you live in.

Thank you

R. Bruce W. Laubach

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