Message from the President-General

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and the severe weather we have been having in some places has not affected you.

We had a great meeting in Norfolk and my hat is off to Charles ‘Chick’ Robison and Laurie Croft (and all who helped them) for hosting a wonderful meeting.  Kathryn and I enjoyed the whole weekend and talked about going back again as Norfolk and the surrounding Tidewater area is such a historical area for the nation and, having been stationed there twice during my Naval career, I can say the downtown area along the waterfront is certainly worth visiting again.

We all enjoyed visiting Yorktown and having the General Meeting at the Victory Center.  We only saw a small port of Yorktown and it is worth seeing; we hope to visit again.  And I think we all enjoyed the ice cream stop at Doumars; it was a refreshing break enjoyed by everyone.  I for one would have liked seconds!  And it all ended with a wonderful dinner at the Norfolk Yacht Club.

I want to tell our members that the Board of Governors is doing a great job.  To name some things that were accomplished: We are growing; we are moving into a new website; we are being recognized and participating in events concerning our ancestors and the Declaration of Independence; the scholarship program is growing; our members can easily purchase DSDI items and we try to add new items that our members might like to purchase; we have donated funds to assist in projects that reflect well on DSDI, such as the Bell Tower repair effort at Independence Hall; and the Signers Recognition Project is wrapping up thanks to the dedication and hard work of Grace Staller.  The Biography Project is complete and biographies posted on the website thanks to Thorny Lockwood, who headed that effort.

In closing I can say that I have never worked with such a group of dedicated volunteers who work together to bring honor to our signer ancestors.  Kathryn and I look forward to seeing many of you in Philadelphia on the 4th.


Lieutenant Commander John Curtiss Glynn, Jr., USN (Ret.)


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