Message from the President-General

Dear DSDI Members,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Prior to the 105th Annual Congress we were experiencing over 100 degree temperatures in Nashville and finally we are receiving a little rain; I am not much of a hot weather guy!

Thank you to the Pennsylvania Society of DSDI and especially Don Ward, Sr. and Grace Staller for hosting the 105th Annual Congress.  The ‘Let Freedom Ring’ ceremony went very well and the addition of our two newest citizens, Averi and Nandri Weaver, added to the excellent performance of the DSDI bell-tappers.  I know we are all proud of these junior members.  We were joined by Robin Naysmith and his wife Elizabeth for the day’s events.  Robin is the Scottish Government’s diplomatic representative in the United States.  In the Long Room we had the pleasure of a talk by Dr. Jane Calvert, PhD, University of Kentucky, on John Dickinson and the day’s events leading up to the Fourth and she continued her talk at the banquet.  It was an excellent talk and we really enjoyed having her as our guest speaker.

We had a constructive Board of Governors meeting and carried out the business of the society.  And during the roll-call of the signers in the Long Room, the Philip Livingston descendants were in great numbers and may have set a record and that is due in large part to DSDI New York Governor Mel Livingston’s recruiting.  We could all learn from Mel.

The 2012 Scholarships recipients are posted on the website and in this edition, and the recipients should have been contacted concerning the next step in the award process.  Congratulations to these fine young men and women.  And I want to thank our Scholarship Committee and Chairman, Leslie, for all that was done to complete this 2012 scholarship cycle.  One thing I will note is that to receive a scholarship you must be a current member, i.e. dues paid, and annual dues are due by July 4th each year; it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure their dues are current or they are a life member.

Check out the DSDI website that has been updated and if you have any suggestions please forward them to the webmaster.  If anyone is interested in being the DSDI webmaster, contact Jim Alexander and let him know of your interest.

Congratulations to Johnny Alexander for being elected as our Historian-General; Bruce Laubach our new Assistant Treasurer-General; and Leslie Sheehan our new Chancellor-General.  We have two new Governors: Robin Rawl, South Carolina, and Weston Croft, Georgia, and we have three vacancies to fill that you can read about in this edition.  We have one new Governor-at-Large and that is Rick Morton, who be assisting me in updating the Society’s bylaws.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email them to me:  And I hope to see many of you in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, in October.


Lieutenant Commander John C. Glynn, Jr. USN (Ret.)


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