President-General message

My fellow descendants:

I hope everyone is well and doing their best to stay healthy. A year ago, I don’t think any of us thought that we would be living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has changed our daily lives and our future expectations. We had to cancel our spring meeting in Princeton. We have moved all our plans for the meeting out to the spring of 2021. The new date for this meeting is April 16-18, 2021. We also had to cancel our plans for gathering in Philadelphia July 3-4 for our Annual Congress. The City of Philadelphia has restrictions because of the public health emergency.

We plan on moving all Bell Tappers out one year, so those slated to tap this Fourth of July will tap next year, those who are scheduled for 2021 will move to 2022, etc.  We are aware that this may cause some Junior members to turn 18 before their opportunity to tap comes. We don’t want anyone who is currently scheduled to lose the chance to tap the bell.

According to our bylaws, the new officers of the DSDI are to be voted on during the Annual Congress on or about the Fourth of July. We are making plans to hold a meeting using Zoom™ to elect new officers. Information about how to attend will be found on the members’ only section of our website. The date of this meeting will be July 1 at 7 p.m. EDT. Please contact our webmaster at for access to this area. Or look for instructions on how to attend via our DSDI Facebook site.

On May 1 we held an online meeting of the Board of Governors to continue the business of the DSDI. You will have the opportunity to see some of those reports in this newsletter. As always, I want to welcome the new senior members to the DSDI. Eleven of the 29 new senior members were upgrades from junior membership. I am also happy to see that we have added 13 new junior members. I would like to welcome back six members whose active membership had lapsed. Thank you for getting back in touch with us.

Other topics we discussed were two historical preservation projects for which we are providing funding. We will give $1,500 to the Menokin Foundation to assist in the preservation of Menokin, the home of Signer Francis Lightfoot Lee. The house fell into ruin and the foundation is working to fortify the ruins and encase the house in glass to preserve the structure so that the construction techniques of the 18th century can be studied for years to come. If you would personally like to contribute to this effort, you can get more information at

The Liberty Bell has always been close to our hearts. There are 57 replicas of the Liberty Bell that were made in the early 1950s as part of a U.S. Savings bond promotion. At the end of that fundraising drive a bell was given to each of the States and U.S. territories. One bell given to the state of Oregon has fallen into disrepair and is being restored. The DSDI has provided $500 to assist in the restoration of this Liberty Bell replica. If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile effort you can contact the Oregon State Capitol Foundation at

From time to time it becomes necessary to hold a review of the DSDI’s bylaws to ensure that we remain up to date and can function as a genealogical organization. The last time our bylaws were updated was July 4, 2008. A committee has been appointed to review the bylaws and make recommendations for updating as necessary. The committee shall consist of the President-General, 1st Vice President-General, 2nd Vice President-General, Historian, Councilor-General, and a Past President-General.

R. Bruce W. Laubach


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