President-General’s message

 Dear DSDI Members,

What shot-firing event is credited with starting the American Revolutionary War: the conflict at Concord’s North Bridge or the Lexington Green?

Those attending our April 25-27, 2014 meeting in Lexington and Concord, MA understand why these two towns both still debate which location can truly lay claim to the “Shot heard round the world.”  Thanks to a well-planned agenda by co-hosts Marianne and Ellen Brinker, members were thoroughly immersed in the history and culture prevalent in Lexington and Concord in April, 1775.

We learned about local militia and Minute Man units grabbing muskets and powder horns in response to Paul Revere’s warning, “the Regulars are out.”  The finest army in the world soon found itself in panic retreat from the unconventional but devastating hit-and-run tactics of tenaciously determined American farmers and townsmen.  We learned about the famous authors, poets and artists who took up residence in the area.  We visited numerous national historic sites, including an opportunity to walk on “Battle Road” the route used by the retreating British Regulars.

Susan and I came back from this meeting with a deep appreciation of the challenges our forebears faced in openly resisting British rule.  One always learns some new interesting historical facts at our meetings.  Our Annual Congress in Philadelphia, PA is July 3-5, 2014; the fall General Meeting will be in beautiful and historic Charleston, SC on October 10-12, 2014.  Make plans now to attend.

This is the second year our scholarship applicants have been able to apply online. This more efficient paperless system has been a tremendous help in meeting the goal of distributing scholarship checks to the recipients’ schools before September; however, technology cannot do it all.  Jill Haimes and her scholarship committee meticulously and thoroughly review the applications and their supporting documents.  This highlights the point that DSDI could not function without member volunteers. We have numerous committees supporting our various endeavors, and I encourage you to let me know of your interest and willingness to serve.

Representing DSDI at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Jefferson Memorial on the National Mall in April with 16 other heritage organizations was special indeed.  A military bugler playing Taps mesmerized the participants and viewing public.  It was an inspirational day and a privilege to be involved.


Lawrence McMahon Croft



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