President’s report for December

Dear DSDI Members,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable summer. Kathryn and I spent several weeks in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona visiting family and friends and attended the Scottish highland games in Estes Park, Colorado with friends who came over from Scotland. So we had a busy and full summer.

The October 7-9 meeting hosted by Floyd Olney and Liz was a good way to start the fall and was well attended by many members who traveled to upstate New York to attend and take in the historical sites around Utica and Westernville. I think during the signers roll call there were 19 General William Floyd descendants present and that may be a record. We started with the board meeting and conducted business for the good of the society that was followed by dinner and a talk by Dr. Russell Marriott who, with his wife Jackie, live in the General William Floyd home. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend. Having dinner and a speaker Friday evenings is something we have started and for those who host meetings I request we continue, including our annual general meeting in Philadelphia. Saturday morning we had our general meeting, followed by a tour of the Oriskany Battle Field and lunch.

Then on to Fort Stanwix for a guided tour followed by a tour of the General William Floyd home, hosted by the Marriotts. To wrap up the day we dedicated a wreath to General William Floyd at his gravesite. So it was a full and enjoyable day followed by dinner with 18th century music. And a special thank you to William F. Olney, Jr. and Emily Olney for the lovely floral table arrangements and candy.

There have been many emails between the DSDI administration and those recipients of scholarships concerning the lack of information on the release of scholarship funds. We are aware of the problem and the release of funds by the Trustee however, there is not much DSDI can do to expedite the process. Having said that, we will be communicating with the Trustee to see if there is anything we can do to assist. The scholarship application program for 2012 closes earlier this cycle so check the DSDI website for details.

We have a new Governor for Connecticut, Shelley Cruz, who will also act as the interim Governor of Rhode Island until we can get someone to fill that position. If you are interested, contact the 1st Vice President-General. You will read in this edition about the loss of our Historian-General, Ed Finch, a life long member of DSDI and one of our strongest supporters.

We were able to present the DSDI Patriots Award to Thorny Lockwood at the general meeting. It is well deserved by someone who spends many hours on projects in support of the society…so congratulations to Thorny.

I hope to see many of you at noon on Nov. 5 for the benches dedication at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., and at the spring meeting in Norfolk.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the good of the society, please email them to me at:


John Curtiss Glynn, Jr.

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