Scholarship Rules and Requirements


Applicants must be an active member of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence no later than the fall meeting before the next year’s scholarship application process opens. The Fall meeting is usually in October. In the years when we do not physically meet, the Board of Governors will convene an electronic meeting to review current member applications.

Award recipients must be current on their dues by July 1st of the year prior to the academic award year in order for the award to be dispersed.

Scholarships are available to students enrolled full-time for both the fall and spring semesters in any post-secondary education institution including, but not limited to, undergraduate trade schools, colleges or universities, graduate schools, or professional degree programs.

Full-time is defined as course-work of at least 12 full-time semester hours and graduate/post graduate work of at least 9 full-time semester hours. If there is a question, the rules of the student’s educational institution will prevail and “full-time” will be defined however the student’s educational institution defines it.

Academic Transcripts must be from the most recent educational institution where a student was enrolled full-time; other transcripts may be offered as desired (e.g. individual classes taken post-graduate). Transcripts must be sent directly from the educational institution to the Scholarship Committee. They must be postmarked or sent electronically no later than the deadline stated on the application.

Letters of Recommendations must come directly from the writer and submitted either through the online application or directly to the Scholarship Chairman. Documents will not be accepted if they come from the students or their family. A minimum of two recommendations are required, one of which must come from an educator familiar with the student and their work.

Correspondence regarding your application will be sent via e-mail. Use an e-mail address that you personally check frequently and make sure to set your e-mail settings to accept any e-mails from the domain. We are not responsible for you not receiving an e-mail. We will also, on occasion, text your cell phone. Make sure you read all e-mails thoroughly and follow the directives. If you have received an e-mail, it is probably important and is addressed to you. We will use the BCC function in order to keep students’ e-mails confidential. If there is more than one student from the same household applying, different e-mail addresses must be used.

Failure to follow all instructions will cause your application to be disqualified. Applications submitted via the online system are the only applications which will be considered.
Regardless of your status as a first time applicant, previous applicant or past scholarship recipient you must complete the online application form and submit the following:

1. A one to two page essay which will be in response to the prompt found in the application. Type using a 12 font, 1″ margins, double-spaced. The application itself will be found at .

2. A one to two page resume reflecting your academics, work history, honors and awards, and extra-curricular activities. Be sure to include any life experiences, heritage activities or memberships, military experience, and anything else that will give insight into you as an individual deserving of a scholarship.

3. A minimum of two letters of recommendations. One must be a scholastic recommendation. Letters are submitted via the online application from which you send an electronic e-mail request to those who are writing your recommendation. Letters can also be submitted directly to the Scholarship Chairman if the writer is “technically challenged.”

4. An academic transcript(s) from the last educational institution attended. High school seniors must include the fall semester of your senior year, other first time applicants should use their last full academic term transcript. If you are a freshman with only a semester of academic work on your transcript, we highly encourage you to also provide your high school transcript. We only accept official transcripts sent directly from the schools.

5. The application itself will include a variety of other questions which must be answered, including but not limited to your high school and college GPAs.

Transcripts can be sent as follows:

1. Electronically to, either through an available service or directly from your educational institution’s registrar’s office.

2. Hard copy directly to:
D. Jill Haimes
DSDI Scholarship Chairman
5224 Bantom Woods Bend
Austin TX 78724

It is your responsibility, not your parents, nor that of the individuals writing recommendations on your behalf, to have all application requirements completed and submitted by the deadline. The deadline is typically midnight on the second Friday in March. The online application system affords you the ability to monitor the progress of your documents. We strongly urge you to monitor your application until you are satisfied that all materials are successfully submitted.

Should you be selected to receive one of the scholarships, you will be notified of the award via the e-mail you provide on the application. You must respond to “accept” the award and provide the documentation requested. This will include the academic institution, the address where the funds will be mailed, and your student identification number. You will also be required to submit verification of enrollment.

The scholarship committee does not discriminate on the basis of the race, sex, or country of origin of the applicant. Nor does it consider the specific school where the student is enrolled, their past performance with regard to the DSDI scholarship, or their specific ancestor.

The instructions as outlined on the DSDI Website Scholarship page must be adhered to. These instructions, and the requirements, may change from year to year. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to change the requirements and instructions as appropriate and warranted.

To this end, by submitting your essay and/or thank you letters to DSDI, you agree that DSDI may circulate your essay and/or thank you letters to our membership in our newsletter and on our social media pages, as well as in any other media format that DSDI may choose to use to communicate with its membership. If you do not want DSDI to circulate your submissions, you must notify the Scholarship Chairman by the scholarship deadline date. If we do not hear from you by this date, DSDI will assume that you have no objection to the circulation of your submission. Please be advised that the selection of submissions that will be circulated to our membership will be determined is the sole discretion of DSDI and not all submissions will be circulated to DSDI membership.

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