Plaque dedicated at Thomas Stone gravesite

On a beautiful spring afternoon on April 28, 2013, Thomas Stone was honored at his gravesite at Habre-de-Venture, his Homestead in Port Tobacco, MD. Sixty people gathered, including DSDI members, members of The Historic Trust of Charles County, and the staff of the National Park Service — Lucy Lawliss, Superintendent, and Scott Hill, Chief of Interpretation, Thomas Stone NHS.

Ruth Hagan, left, and Grace Staller at dedication of plaque

Vice President-General Lawrence Croft was the Master of Ceremonies and gave the opening welcome and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thornton Lockwood, Chairman of the Biography Committee, led a prayer and followed with a brief biography of Thomas Stone.

Bruce Laubach, President of the Virginia Society, DSDI, brought his beautiful bell that was rung by 13 members of the Society to signify the 13 original colonies. Brief remarks and words of appreciation for the people who made the installation possible and their assistance over the years were spoken by Grace Staller, Chairperson of the Plaque Committee.

Unveiling of the plaque was done by Ruth Hagan and her daughter Liz, the only descendants of Thomas Stone who are members of the DSDI. Ruth, Liz and Laurie Croft placed the DSDI wreath under the plaque that is mounted on the beautiful iron fence that surrounds the graveyard.

A small American flag was given to each person in attendance to place in the wreath, while singing God Bless America.

Refreshments were offered at the Visitors Center, courtesy of the Historic Trust of Charles County, under the direction of Beverly Stone and Kay Volman.

Thorny Lockwood addresses those assembled for dedication of plaque.

After refreshments, DSDI Jefferson cups were presented to Beverly Stone and Kay Volman, in appreciation for their assistance to Ruth, and to Lucy Lawliss for facilitating the ceremony.

Scott Hill gave a wonderful tour through the Homestead and talked about the history of Habre-de-Venture.

Grace Staller, Chairperson of the Plaque Committee 

Photos by  Laurie Croft, Vice-President General

Laurie and Susan Croft

Bruce Laubach



Presenting Jefferson cup to Beverly Stone

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