From the President-General

The Atlanta meeting went very well in October. I think that all who attended had a good time. Our day began with wonderful tour of the Atlanta Historical Society and a great tour of the Cyclorama, which has been beautifully restored to its original appearance. The way it was presented gave us an idea of how history has been revised several times over the life of this art work.

The general meeting held earlier in the day went well. We announced seven new senior and six new junior members. Registrar-General James Alexander brought us up to date on the project of digitizing our meeting minutes from the original ledger book. It was noted that after over 100 years of use, the book was falling apart. The board also voted to have this book rebound.

At dinner, our speaker, Dr. Paul Pressly, gave a very interesting talk about early Georgia history. I could not help but think that I do not know or have forgotten a lot about the other colonies’ history before and leading up to the Revolution. I want to thank Dr. Pressly for enlightening me and making me want to delve deeper into other states’ and signers’ histories. I hope that others feel the same.

I would like your feedback on our meetings. According to our bylaws, the DSDI must hold either two or three general meetings a year. The Board of Governors meets three times a year, either the day before a General meeting or via a teleconference. The 4th of July meeting has always been a big meeting for our members. It is certainly important because of the Descendent children tapping the Liberty Bell, and our opportunity to meet in Independence Hall on the 4th is exciting because our ancestors met there, debated and agreed on the Declaration of Independence there.

The other two meetings have had less attendance. I want to know why. I know a fall and a spring meeting may not be held at good times for parents with school age children or the season may not be optimum for travel. I would like to know your opinions on this matter. And should the meetings be held in locations along the East coast among the 13 original colonies? This is where most of our members live.

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