Message from the President-General | Reaching out to all DSDI members

Hello DSDI Members! I am thrilled to share the news how we are reaching out to our world. Thanks to your donations, we have started to create a fresh website that will draw thousands more folks of all ages who search information about our Declaration of Independence and its Signers.

About 13 years ago, DSDI members Jim Alexander and Hunter George began to build our first website. It was full of bright ideas and grand promises, all reaching fruition. That site has drawn tens of thousands of questions around the world. It became the foundation that we are now building to communicate online. Thank you again, Jim and Hunter! As we step into the future, Webmaster Alexa Scholl is leading a committee, working with an impressive and creative computer company, EZSolution. Thank you, Alexa!

To expand on our communication, it is an essential that you share your email so we can keep you informed and to add you to the Members Only section. If you haven’t yet, please take a moment and send your email to us at or to me below. Your opinions are important to us.

It has been an honor for me to lead DSDI for the past two years. Like our Signers, I was blessed by dedicated individuals, now their descendants who make this organization shine. Thank you all!

Hope to see you in Philadelphia for our July 4 celebrations with our Annual Congress.

Lucy Duke Tonacci, President-General |

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