President-General Message

The spring meeting of the society was a huge success! I would like to thank our Vice President-General, Lucy Tonacci, for pulling together such a good meeting, and kudos for the program that was put together at Stratford Hall. There was plenty of time to tour the manor house, join in on colonial games, candle making, grinding corn to make corn meal, writing with a quill pen, and exploring the grounds. One of the special treats we enjoyed was the opportunity to climb the stairs to the balcony between the chimneys; the view was fantastic! We did something unique for our meetings, and that was fossil hunting along the shore of the Potomac River where we found 15-million-year-old sharks’ teeth. It was also a great pleasure to meet so many of our junior members. I am sure they had a very good time.

The Board of Governors took the time to review the business of the society and you can see by the reports in other parts of this newsletter, we are doing well financially.  Our society is growing as well; we added 38 new senior members and 19 new junior members. Welcome to the society, we look forward to seeing our new members at future meetings.  I hope all of you review the section of this newsletter that lists members with whom we have lost contact.  This usually happens when someone moves and we did not get their new address and we get correspondence back marked “unable to forward” or “address unknown.”  If you know any of these folks, please contact them and let them know that we are missing them. We would love to make them active members again.  Other business centered on our purchasing new software for our treasurers. We are moving away from standalone software, which required a lot of coordination between the treasurer and assistant treasurer to keep the books straight, to using a cloud-based secure accounting software that will allow them to be working on the same program simultaneously. This new software will allow for easier transition when someone else moves into the treasurer’s position.

Looking forward our next meeting, which will be on the 4thof July in Philadelphia, with our junior members tapping the Liberty Bell, meeting in the Great Room in Independence Hall, and adding a tour of the American Revolutionary War museum.  We are also planning our fall meeting in September, the weekend of 28thto the 30th, in Litchfield, Connecticut.  This will be a wonderful meeting and as I understand it, it’s the beginning of the fall colors. So, you may want to book early to ensure you have a room.

Thank you and I hope to see most of you soon.

R. Bruce W. Laubach



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