Slate of Officer Nominees for 2015-2016

President-General                Hope Middleton Wood

First Vice-President              Shelley Horsley Cruz

Second Vice-President          Robert Bruce Warden Laubach

Registrar-General                 James Herbert Alexander, Jr.

Assistant-Registrar               Wendy Davis Bushey

Historian-General                 Nina Hill Hopkins

Assistant-Historian               Madelyn Brinker Sturgeon

Treasurer-General               Johnny D. Alexander

Assistant-Treasurer              Robert Bruce Warden Laubach

Secretary-General                Donald Crosset Ward, Jr.

Assistant-Secretary              Luther D. Shank, IV (Morgan)

Chancellor-General              Leslie Pickett Sheehan, Esq.

Chaplain-General                 Rev. Frederick Wallace Pyne


Submitted by DSDI Nominating Committee on 3/23/2015:

Daniel McNamara, Chairman

Grace Staller

Rieman McNamara

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