Young Descendants tap Liberty Bell

Eight young members of DSDI had the honor of ceremonially tapping the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012. They are:

Kathryn Elizabeth Farrell, 14, was born on April 23, 1998 in Boston and lives in Windham, New Hampshire.  She is a descendant of Philip Livingston through her mother’s side of the family.  She attends Windham Middle School and is looking forward to starting Windham High School next year.  Katie is the recipient of the Student Athlete Award for playing on several sports teams while consistently making the Honor Roll.  She loves to read and write stories; several of her stories have received teacher awards.  She is the captain of her volleyball team and received the Most Valuable Player Award.  She also enjoys playing lacrosse and basketball.  In 2008 and 2009, Katie and her Destination Imaginations team made it all the way to the Global DI tournament, representing New Hampshire.  Last year, Katie and her family travelled across country, and she was able to see and experience our beautiful nation.

Madigan Ann Farrell, 12, was born on Feb. 9, 2000 in Manchester, New Hampshire and lives in Windham, New Hampshire with her two sisters and parents.  She is a descendant of Philip Livingston, through her mother’s side of the family.  She currently attends Windham Middle School where she consistently makes the honor roll, and also keeps herself busy after school competing nationally as a flyer on her cheerleading team, playing lacrosse and field hockey.   In addition to her hard work in and out of school, Maggie is simply a happy and fun person to be around, always looking to meet a new friend, help cheer someone up, share a laugh or find the fun in almost anything.  Last year, Maggie and her family travelled across country, and she was able to see and experience our beautiful nation.

Jack Brophy Hawes, 17, a descendant of John Hart, was born Jan 28, 1995 in Hinsdale, Illinois. He is a National Honor Society member and is going into his senior year at Naperville Central High School.  He is a member of the varsity golf team, Spanish Honor Society and a volunteer in several local charities. He also caddies during the summer. 

Meghan Millet Hawes, 14, a descendant of John Hart, was born Aug 19, 1997 in Hinsdale, Illinois. She is entering her freshman year at Naperville Central High School. She was a member of a national champion Irish dance team that finished second in the world championships.  She enjoys volleyball and being with her friends. 

Jeffrey Lewis, 16, is from Avon, Connecticut, and is going into his junior year at Avon High School.  He is a proud descendant of Josiah Bartlett, a signer from New Hampshire.  Jeff has long been fascinated by the story of the Founding Fathers of our country and this has carried into a strong interest in history, especially U.S. history.  Jeff has a love of photography and he especially enjoys taking pictures at national parks, having been to over 30 national parks and monuments.   He participates in a national youth leadership group with his church and recently returned from a volunteer service trip to Peru, where he helped build a greenhouse to enable a small village to become more self-sufficient.   Jeff has also earned a Silver certificate under the Youth Congressional Award program.

Sketchley Andrew Morton, 11, was born on July 21, 2001. He is a descendant of John Morton and was named for John Morton’s son, Sketchley Morton. Sketch will be going into 6th grade this fall.  He enjoys creative writing in school.   He is a big sports fan and enjoys both watching and participating.    He pitches and catches for his Little League team and is a Philadelphia Phillies fan.   Sketch also loves football and is a big  Baltimore Ravens fan. Sketch participates as a worker once a month at the Norristown Soup Kitchen and weekly attends Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Max Edward Zdimal, 9, attends 3rd grade at Marvin Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is on the Student Council and also has been named Terrific Kid in multiple years, recognized by the Kiwanis International Character Program.   Max plays baseball, football and basketball.  Max recently led his basketball team to an undefeated season.  He is looking forward to playing in the USSSA baseball World Series at Disney in August.  Max is a descendent of Philip Livingston.

Zachary Alan Zdimal, 12, attends 6th grade at Marvin Ridge Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has consistently made Honor Roll.  Zach plays baseball, football and basketball.  His Little League team won the North Carolina State Championship.  This past year Zach hit his first home run, made his first interception and made his first game-winning basket.  Zach also plays guitar and enjoys vacationing in Hawaii and Sea Island, Georgia.  Zach recently completed his confirmation at Weddington United Methodist Church.  Zach is a descendent of Philip Livingston.

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