2012-2013 DSDI Scholarship Information

The date for all submission of materials for the 2012-2013 program has passed. The recipients of the 20112-2013 cycle will be presented during the 2012 4th of July General Business meeting in Philadelphia.

2013-2014 DSDI Scholarship Information

The DSDI Scholarship Award is a merit-based scholarship for DSDI members who are enrolled as full-time students for the entire academic year in an approved post-secondary educational institution. In order to participate in this scholarship program, you must be a member of DSDI. If you are not currently a member, your membership application packet must be approved by the Fall 2012 Board of Governors meeting. Applications for membership received after that time will be processed for the next following Board of Governors meeting, but you will NOT be eligible for the 2013 Scholarship cycle. If you are presently a Junior Member, you can upgrade at your 18th birthday by completing your Senior paperwork and by paying the appropriate fees, or if a Life Member, by completing your Senior paperwork in time to be presented to the first Board of Governors meeting after your 18th birthday. DSDI sends out annual invoice notices in June. Dues must be paid by July 4, or you are considered delinquent. (Note this applies to annual members only). If you have not cleared up the dues in arrears by the Fall 2012 Board of Governors meeting, you will not be eligible for the 2013 Scholarship application process.

To obtain information about membership, please go to the Membership link. Application forms and instructions are at this link. Please follow the instructions carefully and start the process now so you can be approved in time for the scholarship awards.  Your membership application must be on the Registrar-General's desk no later than 30 September 2012. If you are 17 or younger, you should consider getting the membership requirement out of the way this year.

If you have any questions regarding your member status, drop an e-mail to registrar@dsdi1776.com.

If you are interested in converting to a Senior Life status, contact the Registrar-General at registrar@dsdi1776.com.

If you are a Junior Annual Member, you will need to convert to Senior status on your 18th birthday. Contact the Registrar-General at registrar@dsdi1776.com to complete this process.

The Registrar-General's mail address is: Jim Alexander 7157 SE Reed College Place Portland, OR 97202