Is Your Mail Being Returned to Us?

As can be expected, we occasionally find mail to be undeliverable to some of our members. If your name is on the list below, or if you have information about why someone’s mail is being returned, please contact us to resolve the matter.

When contacting us, please include the member number, mailing address, email address, and phone number when known.

And please update your member profile when you move. It makes it easier to keep you informed of current programs and activities.

Names of Missing Members

Christina M BaderHardwin Alexander Littlepage
Laura BennetCaitlin Ross McCormick
Katherine BergeJeffery Minton
Dawn M BernhardKyle Jared Mulford
Karen M. BraxtonMelinda Muth
Sara M. BraxtonRobert F. Nelson, III
Truxton Brodhead, Jr.Thomas Opie
Serena BrownWilliam Paca, III
Corso Dimitri Serra di CassanoJane Pearce
Gwendolyn K. ClarkJoanne Marie Pohl
Deborah De GainSara L. Prescott
Elizabeth EdmundsJohn D. Prevatt
Samuel FranklinAlexandra Pugh
David B. GriffithCameron Pugh
Sarah GrinnanEdward W. Pyne
Laura GrothKatharine Reese
Emily Elizabeth Laubach GundertRandolph B. Roulette
Susan C. HendlHenry Grinnan Ruff
Christine M. HeywardCarter Grinnan Ruff
James R. Heyward, Jr.Kendall M. Sealy
Ellen R. HillEleanor Opie Seiferth
Samuel D. HopkinsHanna M. Strong
Ann S. HowardEdward Walker
Barbara IvesJeffery Ward
Sallie W. JacksonEmma Rose Williams, III
Gwendolyn B. KleinGeorge B. Williams, III
Fredrick E. Leadbetter Jr.Virginia Williams
George Bryan Williams