Make A Payment or Contribution

Dues collections:
Annual membership dues invoices will be mailed in the month of March. If dues are not received by the end of May, a late notice will be sent. Members not paying by June 30 will have their memberships deactivated and they will be removed from the DSDI mailing list.

Payment methods:
Forms of payment include a check or money order mailed to the address with the dues invoice or our PayPal account.

Application fees:
For applicants, dues will not be owed and should not be paid until the application is accepted. Once that has occurred, please include your application fee and first year dues. Leave the member number empty, and include the name of the person the application was submitted for in the Notes field for both the Application and Dues payment fields.

Reinstatement fees:
If you are not a current member, there is a reinstatement fee of $45 as well as the current year dues of $45, or a total of $90 to be reinstated for the current year. Please contact the Treasurer or the Assistant-Treasurer to discuss other payments that might be necessary for reinstatement.

Paying dues for others:
If you pay the dues for another member, please include their name and DSDI number when you make their payment, or we might credit the amount to an incorrect account.  This information can be entered into the PayPal remarks area.