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If you’d like to learn more about the Society of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence scholarships, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find interesting facts about the scholarships, as well as answers to the questions we receive most often.

DSDI Scholarship Facts

Here are some facts about DSDI scholarships that you might find interesting:


The scholarships provided by the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (DSDI) use funds from two sources: the Charles Mitchell Trust and donations from members of the DSDI.


Scholarships awarded by DSDI are merit-based scholarships. As such, some applicants will receive a scholarship while others will not.


It is the objective of the DSDI Scholarship Committee to award 56 scholarships, one for each of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.


The dollar amounts of the scholarships are dependent upon the funds available and vary year to year.

Review Process

At least three committee members will review each scholarship application. No committee member reviews the application of any applicant who is personally known to them or a member of their immediate family (including first cousins). These applicants, however, are not excluded from applying.

DSDI Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer your questions here. However, should you still have concerns or inquiries regarding scholarships, memberships, or anything else related to the Declaration of Independence and its Signers, please contact us.

Once all your questions are answered, and you feel that you have everything you need, we invite you to apply for a DSDI scholarship.

How do I Become a Member of DSDI?

Please refer to the requirements, application, and process for membership found on this website. If you have questions, please reach out to the Registrar-General.

When do I Apply for the Scholarship?

Please refer to the Scholarship Calendar.

Where do I Apply?

Information for applying can be found on our Scholarship Rules & Requirements page. Then, you can apply here.

May I Apply More Than Once?

Yes. We have used the same program for several years and you should reuse your same name and password from year to year. A new application is required each year. Information from year to year is not retained.

What is My DSDI Member Number?

Check your member certificate or correspondence from the Registrar General. If you’re still not able to find it, you may contact the Registrar-General. Note that the turnaround for this request will not be immediate.

The Member Directory is available online, and your member number may be in the most recent Directory. You may use your Junior membership number if you have not been assigned a Senior Member number.

What is the Essay Prompt?

You will find the essay prompt on the scholarship application. The essay prompt changes each year.

Can I Get a Scholarship if I am Enrolled as a Part-Time Student or for One Semester?

No. You must be enrolled full-time for the upcoming fall and spring semesters.

May I Defer My Scholarship for a Year?

No. You must reapply if you’re not attending during the academic year for which you applied.

How Will I Know if You’ve Received my Transcript?

If you sent it via one of the electronic services, you should receive a confirmation from their system telling you it has been received. You are always welcome and encouraged to contact the Scholarship Chairperson and ask.

How Will I Know if My Letters of Recommendations Have Been Submitted?

The AwardSpring application system allows you to monitor the receipt of recommendations.

My Teacher Has Not Submitted my Recommendation. What Should I Do?

Reissue the recommendation request via the AwardSpring system and reach out to your teacher to remind them. Ask someone else to provide a recommendation as a backup. We require two but do not object to more.

I am Attending Graduate School. How Many Credits Will I Need to Be Considered Full-Time?

Typically, nine. That said, we will accept whatever your education institution considers full-time.

My School Has Not Received the Check. What Should I Do?

First, double check with the school and refer back to the e-mail stating the amount(s) of your award(s). If you received a Scholarship from the Charles Mitchell Scholarship Fund, the check will reference that specific fund and is drawn on a J. P. Morgan Chase Bank account. It will not reference the DSDI. If you received funds from DSDI, the check will be drawn from our society’s bank account.

Note the address which you provided. That is the address where the check was sent. Please wait at least ten days after the date when checks were mailed to allow time for your school to process the check and credit your account. If the school still has not received your funds by September 1st, please contact the Scholarship Committee Chairperson.

Does the School Apply All of the Money to One Semester or Split it Between Two?

It depends on your school’s policy. Ask them. We do not give instructions regarding how the funds are allocated.

Where Do I Send a Thank-You Letter?

Send it to the Scholarship Chairperson or to the physical address shown on our website and throughout the application. It is the same address used for transcripts.

Why Did My Cousin Get More Money Than I Did? Why Did I Get More Money Last Year?

Obviously, your six-times-great-grandfather loved him/her more than you (just kidding). It is a merit-based scholarship. All of the reviewers’ scores are combined and ranked. Higher-ranked students get more scholarship money than lower-ranked students. The amount of financial resources changes from year to year, so it is unlikely that you will get the same amount every year.

Can My Mom or Dad Fill Out My Application for Me?

Oh, please, no. Obviously, there are questions they can answer (the easy ones). They cannot write your essay for you, they cannot ask people for your recommendations—but they can offer guidance and assistance with your resume, and they can proofread your essay (highly encouraged).

We have had numerous situations where a parent uploaded the wrong essay or resume to the wrong child’s application, or where their e-mail was used for multiple children, and then they do not know whose application is missing what material. We’ve also had parents put their own name as the applicant, causing immense confusion. It’s not that hard and the Scholarship Chairperson is very friendly and helpful (but parents and grandparents can, will, and should nag you).

More Information about DSDI Scholarships

No matter if you still have questions or you’d simply like to learn more, please visit the following scholarship pages: