2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 56 most recent DSDI 2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients!

All awardees were sent an email on July 4th advising them of their award. If you applied for a Scholarship, please check your email as there are specific instructions to follow. If you are unable to locate the email, please contact the Chair at [email protected].

Scholarship recipients are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Justin BainbridgeJohn Hart
Elizabeth BarrowArthur Middleton
Julia BarrowArthur Middleton
Victoria BarrowArthur Middleton
Caroline BeecherJohn Morton
Ethan BurkeThomas Nelson Jr.
Peyton BurkeThomas Nelson Jr.
Josephine ByrnesJohn Morton
Julian ByrnesJohn Morton
Claire CaseyThomas Heyward Jr.
John CaseyThomas Heyward Jr.
Hunter ClementsJohn Hart
Justin CooperThomas Nelson Jr.
Dalton CousinGeneral William Floyd
Spencer DavisLewis Morris
Seina DowgiewiczJosiah Bartlett
Shawn DurkinJosiah Bartlett
Joseph FalconeGeorge Read
Ryane FarrellPhilip Livingston
Katherine GleasonJohn Morton
Abigail HarrisonThomas Jefferson
Audri HarrisonThomas Jefferson
Maddie HoganJohn Hart
Allison HubbardJohn Witherspoon
Thomas JohnsonOliver Wolcott
Margaret LongPhilip Livingston
Melissa MarcusGeorge Clymer
Lucy MartinRobert Morris
Benjamin MayhewJohn Hart
Tyler MayhewJohn Hart
Benjamin McKennaThomas McKean
Alexander McLaurineThomas Heyward Jr.
Thomas McNamaraThomas Heyward Jr.
Holly McNeillyJohn Hart
Braxton MillerCarter Braxton
Clara MillerCarter Braxton
Paige NelsonThomas Nelson Jr.
Cabell PascoWilliam Hooper
Lauren PendergastWilliam Floyd
Nelia PerryCarter Braxton
Malia PollockRobert Treat Paine
Clara RamsayJohn Witherspoon
Isabella RamsayJohn Witherspoon
Theresa RamsayJohn Witherspoon
Ashley SchmellingJohn Hart
Samus SchulerRoger Sherman
Davis SnyderWilliam Hooper
Jesse SumnerGeorger Clymer
Anna ThomasOliver Wolcott
Rory WahligJohn Hart
Jonathan WaldmannRoger Sherman
Gabriel WalkerJohn Hart
Isabelle WestonWilliam Hooper
Palmer WrigleyStrattonJohn Morton Jr., William Floyd
Elizabeth ZakasBenjamin Henry Harrison
Kannon ZdimalPhilip Livingston

Would you like to apply for a scholarship? Visit the following places to learn more and contact us if you still have questions: