Bell Tapper Registration

The Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the Revolution (PSSR) sponsors “Let Freedom Ring” each July 4th at the Liberty Bell Pavilion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Junior Members of the DSDI are invited to symbolically tap the Liberty Bell and to participate in the “Let Freedom Ring” program. This is a great honor for both the DSDI and its Bell Tappers. We extend our gratitude to the National Park Service and the PSSR for the invitation to take part in this wonderful and symbolic event.

The DSDI has had the honor of having their Junior Members serve as Bell Tappers since 1967. A full list of those who have participated in prior years is available here.

To be designated as a Bell Tapper by the DSDI the following requirements must be met:

  • Individual is a Junior Member of the DSDI whose membership has been accepted by the Board prior to being placed on the Tappers list.
  • Individuals are between the age of 7 and 17 years on the 4th of July of the year they are to tap the bell.
  • The Bell Tapper information form must be completed and received before a potential Tapper can be added to the list.

Availability for these slots goes fast. If a child is not a Junior Member, parents should contact the DSDI Registrar at [email protected].