More about the state Liberty Bells

DSDI members, friends and visitors rang the Maryland Liberty Bell July 4, 2013, celebrating with other members in Philadelphia and beyond as they named the 56 Signers by their 13 states. Like every state, the Maryland Liberty Bell was made by the Paccard Foundry in France in 1950. There were 55 full-size replicas of the Philadelphia Liberty Bell as part of a savings bond drive named “Save For Your Independence.”

Did you know…

  • Alaska is marker Number 1, at the front entrance of the Capitol in Juneau.
  • The Washington, D.C. bell is at the west entrance of the Treasury Building, by the gate.
  • Louisiana’s bell is at the Arsenal Museum in Baton Rouge.
  • The Nebraska bell is shown at the annual State Fair. It’s kept in storage for the rest of the year.
  • North Carolina’s Liberty Bell is on the mall between the Capitol and the Legislature Building.

Hooray for the Sounds of Liberty!

–Lucy Duke Tonacci