Moving Ahead Through Safest Choices

Hello DSDI Members!

As we make plans to meet each other in Philadelphia for the Fourth of July, we realize that our Signers must have felt many of the same concerns facing a pandemic.

Our Scholarship Committee drew attention to this topic when Chair Jill Haimes shared the essay question at our Virtual Oregon General Meeting March 13 by Zoom: “Looking back at the smallpox epidemic of 1775 to 1782, how might your ancestor have been affected by this epidemic?” The Signers, too, needed to find food and shelter in the safe places, avoiding the rampant smallpox while they met in Philadelphia. How did they feel when they gathered at Independence Hall? How did they send messages to each other through the safest circumstances?

We learned a lot about these situations during a long winter and hesitant spring, staying home, missing family, friends and coworkers. Many of our members worked together in committees by Zoom. We’ve become quite capable of having meetings, church services and cocktail parties via Zoom. It’s been remarkable for all of us to learn to use our computers and phones to reach out to others in new ways.

I thank all of our governors, committee members and board members who have supported each other in our many decisions and I invite all of our members to be involved. It has been a pleasure to visit each other through Virtual Trips. But honestly, I’d rather see you in person.

We are waiting patiently as we plan our Annual Congress in Philadelphia for the Fourth of July weekend. We do not know whether we will be tapping the Liberty Bell and sharing time together. The announcements will be made close to the meeting dates. We will be reaching out to you through our private DSDI Facebook page, in our DSDI website/Members Only, and by email to spread our news. I am confident that we will find a way to meet!

Meanwhile, join me in taking Covid shots so that we can shake hands together during a healthy, happy Fourth of July!

Lucy Duke Tonacci
DSDI President-General