“Wives of the Signers” project calls for volunteers

The DSDI Board of Governors recently approved an exciting new project called “Wives of the Signers” biographies.  Shirley Smith, who wrote the DSDI biography of signer Abraham Clark several years ago, has enthusiastically agreed to be Chairperson for this new project.

Our goal is to generate unique, world-class biographies of the wives of all 56 signers, by drawing together information never gathered before in biographical form.

For some perspective from the earlier DSDI Biography Project, we located over 40 volunteers willing to write biographies for the 56 signers.  It took six years before all 56 biographies were completed.  The DSDI Biography Committee provided guidance, unique areas of interest to be included, and where to find information.

I ask all of you receiving this email to seriously consider volunteering to write a biography of your signer’s wife—and any other signer wives of interest to you.

We don’t expect a volunteer to be an accomplished author or writer, just a very interested one.  There is no time limit for you to complete the biography you have chosen to write.  And you will have the active guidance and assistance of Chairperson Shirley Smith and her Committee to provide help and answer questions.

The DSDI Biography Project began 10 years ago with just six volunteers to write signer biographies.  For this project we already have volunteers to write “biographies of the wives” for Abraham Clark, Josiah Bartlett, John Hart, George Ross, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Rush.

But there are many other great wives for you to consider—including the wife of your own signer!

I ask each one of you to volunteer for this important DSDI project.

To volunteer, contact:  [email protected]